Amsterdam Fashion Week

July 12, 2016



Back in Amsterdam, straight to Fashion Week. Life is good right? To be honest, We didn’t even plan to attend this year, basically because Emiel and I have been really busy preparing for our move to Indonesia in October. Still, I could not resist swinging by after receiving an invitation by one of my favorite Dutch designers: Dennis Diem





We met up with this year’s winner of Holland Next Top Model Loiza Lamers. This beauty is  just the sweetest, down to earth girl you can imagine. I am already pretty tall around 5 ft 7, but without heels and wearing flats, I felt like a dwarf next to this long legged stunner lol.



I walked out the house wearing silver metallic heels but ran back to change into these comfy flat sandals I bought on the Kei Islands a few months ago. I was looking for a casual, “I am not trying too hard look” and most important I wanted to be comfortable all night. I have always, and I mean always worn high heels to Fashion Week, but remembered feeling miserable the last time I went.  I did not want that, and guess what? I had the most fun I’ve ever had during a fashion week event. Yay for the flat shoes trend this season!





The show

Dennis Diem a very well established Dutch designer kicked some serious rock and roll ass with his new collection: Sweet Rebel.  Dennis was inspired by the cult movie: Cry baby by John Waters and partnered with designer Jos Jacobsfor a “sexy good girl, bad boy” contrast, while presenting Sweet Rebel with a great spectacle that screamed: absolutely fabulous!








After a great show, it was party time with Dutch DJ Carita La Nina spinning some funky tunes!




Our new favorite icecream cocktail is a Scroppino. It is so deliciousssss. I just had to share the recipe with you guys.

Scroppino ingredients:

120 gramms Italian lemon ice cream
15 ml vodka
30 ml of prosecco
1 scroppino tool (consists of a basin, garde and jug)
1 lemon
1 champagne flute 



– Add the lemon ice cream along with the vodka in the basin.
– Beat with the whisk the vodka through the ice cream untill a smooth emulsion.
– Pour it over in a jug and serve it in a champagne flute.
– Add the prosecco and the spatula gently through it.
– Garnish with a few slices of lemon, Enjoy!





Meet Emiel, my fiancé and photographer behind this blog. He was wearing Diesel and JLXRYmen.





Photos shot by EJC Maturbongs and Tamara Chloé


I was wearing: Dress and pom pom necklace: Costa Fashion

After our extensive long trip to Bali and the Maluku islands, it felt great to be back in fashion land. Are any of you guys attending a few shows this fashion season?

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