The Velvet Legging

August 30, 2016


This Falls favorite fabric will just have to be anything velvet. I happen to absolutely love velvet and in today’s look, I am introducing the velvet legging. Easy to style, luxurious, versatile, comfortable and oh so on trend.

I am also loving this new choker I scored a few weeks ago and is a mini version of the western belt that’s just been everywhere lately. Paired with a lace bomber jacket and a white asymmetrical tee  making the velvet legging totally wearable. What do you guys think?






We shot this look two weeks ago when the weather was almost starting to feel like Fall here in Amsterdam. Think lots of rain and colder temps. Thankfully, we are back to warmer climates here again. More summer posts will be coming up on this blog because in my opinion, summer is not nearly over yet. In the meantime, I couldn’t help but share this fall proof outfit with you guys already. 



These Zara velvet leggings remind me of a good pair of skinny jeans, so that’s why I styled them this way. I think velvet looks stunning with lace, so this is why I paired it with a lace bomber jacket by Jacky Luxury. I chose the boots in almost the same shade as the leggings to make my legs appear longer. Whenever you want to elongate your legs this is a great tip.


Yesterday, Emiel and I went for lunch at the Palladium in Amsterdam and while we were chatting and doing some people watching I pointed out to Emiel that I had seen about fifteen women pass by that all wore the same old black choker.  Yes very cute of course, but it doesn’t make you look any different than the next person on the street. Especially when it comes down to trend pieces that are seen everywhere. Isn’t fashion about creating your own style instead of copying others? I love searching for pieces that not everyone is likely to wear. This is the main reason I love this particular belt choker I am wearing in this post because the details are so edgy and different. I always like to achieve that in my looks and always make sure I add one of a kind pieces to my outfits. Are you all with me?



Photos shot by: EJC Maturbongs

Leggings  here, Bag, Tee and Choker here: Zara
Bomber Jacket: Jacky Luxury 


0 responses to “The Velvet Legging”

  1. WOW, you looks perfect!!! Love the Jacket so much and you are so pretty like always. 😉
    Kisses Jeannette :*

  2. Adrika says:

    You look perfect!

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  3. Joyce Pak says:

    Love the belt choker, such a nice unique touch to your whole outfit! I also think that your velvet leggings are soo chic and you look so good in them! I love the whole outfit, it's the perfect combo of sporty and chic!

    Characters & Carry-ons

  4. Camila A. says:

    These leggings are just so fabulous, you are looking stunning dear!

    My Vogue Style |

  5. Thanks so much Jeannette! <3

  6. Such sweet feedback Joyce! Thanks so much!

  7. Thanks a lot Camila!

    It helps that the leggings are really comfortable too. We all want comfy and fabulous right? xx

  8. I actually have that double buckle chocker as a real belt! Loving the chocker edition though!


    Tamara –

  9. That's what I loved about it Tamara! Just like the actual belt. Now I still need to get me the real belt though;) Bad, bad fashion blogger I am 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by dear!

  10. Tessy Onyia says:

    You are beautiful and your outfit is so cute.

  11. Thanks so much Tessy! <3

  12. Thanks Ania! So great to see you stop by;)

  13. Rin Handika says:

    really love your outfit so much and those choker! <3

  14. Thanks so much Trudy. Velvet does not have to look tacky at all. I think the key is to find the right pieces <3
    I am sure a choker would look great on you! You should at least try it once on the blog <3

  15. Marta says:

    Now that I saw your pictures I want a pair of velvet leggings too! They're so cool!

  16. I think they are perfect for fall, because besides being totally cool they are really cozy and warm too. Thanks Marta! <3

  17. Your choker is goals babe! You look amazing!

    Nilu Yuleena Thapa
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  18. Rina Doria says:

    Omg those Zara leggings are so incredibly chic! I need to pick me up a pair ASAP. I could see myself wearing them with so many things over Fall and winter! Loving how you styled them too babe.

    xoxo Rina

  19. Trudy Danso says:

    I so so so love the color of the velvet leggings. Looks amazing. At times, I find velvet a bit tacky but this is far from it. And the clutch is sooo cute too. I agree with you on the choker thing. I personally don't wear it cause to be honest it's not really my thing however I do like it on others though. The one you're are wearing looks indeed very different and unique!!

  20. Thanks so much Nilu! ❤️

  21. Yes Rina they are so versatile for Fall and easy to pair with almost anything. Thanks so much hun❤️

  22. Beauty says:

    I like the different shades of blue; great styling.

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