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What To Wear For Fall When It’s Hot Out

November 6, 2016



While the Fall season is nowhere near the Kei Kecil Islands, I am trying to infuse my outfits with a hint of Autumn vibes. Adding a velvet fabric and a leopard print to an otherwise summer look instantly changes it into something more Fall appropriate than wearing colorful pom poms and crochet dresses don’t you think?



I absolutely adore the combination of the color burgundy with a leopard print. It makes the leopard print less trashy and more cool and sophisticated right? I added a rock & roll tee and the Brooklyn Camera bag by Michael Kors from their newest collection for an instant edge. Of course, I had to keep it all a bit Summer proof by wearing my new ballerina lace up espadrilles I scored on sale at H&M just before we left from Amsterdam



A cool tee with a the name of an eighties hardrock band has been the “new cool” for some time now. Although I totally love this trend, I never knew which band to pick lol when grabbing a tee like this. Singer Lemmy Kilmister from eighties band Motorhead was a dear friend of mine. We used to hang out all the time when I still lived in L.A. a few years ago. I was in shock when Lemmy passed away last year.When I bumped into this tee at H&M a few weeks ago, I knew I had to get it, just to honor his legacy.   He will be forever cool right?


My guy, Emiel picked  up my new favorite bag at the Michael Kors store a few weeks ago. I am totally loving the thick belt shoulder strap. It adds a rock & roll vibe to basically every type of outfit. It’s super easy to pair with everything and that’s of course always a winner for me!


Photos shot in village Namar on the Kei Kecil Islands in Indonesia by EJC Maturbongs

I was wearing:

Velvet Bomber: Jacky Luxury

MotorHead Tee: H&M
Espadrilles: H&M
Brooklyn Camera Bag: Michael Kors AW 16 here


In the meantime, Emiel and I are finally getting a little accustomed to the hot temperatures here on the island. I still have to get used to the millions of bugs and the continues power outings, but I am not complaining. We are very comfortable and staying right at the ocean at Emiel’s grandfathers fabulous guest house. It is super nice here. The gorgeous surroundings make it so easy to shoot outfit photos. We have shot tons already, so stay tuned for more coming up everyone. I am off for dinner now and after that we’re going for live music on Pasir Panjang Beach. I can’t wait. I will keep you guys posted.



19 responses to “What To Wear For Fall When It’s Hot Out”

  1. Thanks my dear Aibina! <3

  2. Thanks so much dear! <3

  3. You look amazing as always..
    great outfit.. great photos..
    Have a great week, Tamara..

  4. Have a lovely week ahead beautiful. By the way that tee is a great way to honor your friends memory.

  5. Definitely one of my favorites! Thanks for stopping by Dorothy! x

  6. You watched Lemmy in concert? How cooool!! Thanks so much for your kind words Nilu!❤️ xx

  7. Thanks Jeannette! ❤️

  8. He does find the best stuff! Totally my kind of guy lol. Thanks Idu! X

  9. Tamara I was so blown by this look when I first saw your Insta post! Also wow Lemmy was your friend! How cool is that! I got to see him perform once in a gig here in India and that will always be a wonderful memory to me! I love how this post of yours gives tribute to your friend!
    Nilu Yuleena Thapa
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  10. You Look so GREAT!!! Love this Fall Summer Look. 😉

  11. I say yes yes yes, this is definitely Fall approved. I love your bomber. Looks like you had an audience too :). You look lovely babe. Great find by your guy.

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