Kei Islands

White Beach

March 16, 2017


We have been in Bali for almost five weeks now, but I couldn’t help but wanting to share these photos. These were our last days relaxing on The Kei Kecil Islands. Pasir Panjang Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia with the whitest sand and clearest oceans I have ever seen.




 I am lucky to call this beach my own, basically because it belongs to the village where my grand parents came from. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?



As you can see the sand is as white as snow, with the softest powdery texture I have ever felt on a beach. Looking back on our four months on the Kei islands, I will miss this place the most.



Photos shot by EJC Maturbongs

I was wearing: Swim suit: H&M

Here on bali, we have been staying at the beautiful Aqua Octaviana Bali Villa’s in Umalas, but tommorow we are on our way to East Bali to spend the weekend at the spectacular Griya Resort And Spa. I will be updating a lot on Instagram about our weekend getaway, so stay tuned everyone. Thanks so much for stopping by again, I will be back soon!

With love Tamara Chloé

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