Amed, Bali

Weekend Get-Away At The Griya Villas & Spa Pt.1

April 1, 2017


Just woke up to a million dollar view. This is what happened when we drove to Amed, a dreamy fishing village on the east coast in Bali. We were welcomed to stay at the spectacular Griya Villas And Spa for a relaxing weekend to unwind, taste the best foods and swim in our own private pool. What could be more heavenly than this right?














Photos shot by EJC Maturbongs

Bali is such an amazing island. The rich culture, stunning nature, fantastic shopping and wild nightlife makes visiting here an unforgettable experience. To think that the Balinese people are one of the kindest people in the world makes it even the more special. It’s something in the air, the smell of intoxicating cambodja flowers and incense everywhere. This place is magic, because once under it’s spell, it makes you coming back for more and more. Talking about coming back for more, when taking a road trip to Amed, staying at the Griya Villas And Spa has been the absolute highlight of our Bali adventure so far.The Griya Villas And Spa are the top notch luxury if you ever want to visit the beautiful village of Amed.

This place is what the real Bali looks like. A serene haven,  a little piece of paradise, far away from the noise of cramped up South Bali. When entering the Griya, one of the most beautiful ocean views welcomed us. Our mouths fell open and stayed open in awe. I had to pinch myself twice because it felt like I was dreaming.Being able to relax in our own private ocean villa with plunge pool, kitchenette, two bedrooms and living room, enjoying soothing massages at the Channa Spa.

Munching on fresh delicious foods taken up to the villa was our way to be able to completely unwind after a hectic time in the Maluku islands. Of course, we took the time to enjoy the fine dining at the Safka restaurant, overlooking the luscious gardens and refreshing infinity pool. Listening to live music all night and their happy hour had us drinking a tad bit too much, but hey we were celebrating the weekend. There is the best snorkeling available in this area and enough vegan and raw food places to check out. One word to describe The Griya Villas And Spa: Perfection. We shot so many photos, so stay tuned for tons more in the next posts coming up. Summer will be here soon everyone, where is your favorite spot to relax and unwind from your daily stresses?Thanks for reading my friends!

Location: The Griya Villas And Spa – Visit the website here

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