Bali Travel Tip – Kanto Lampo Waterfall

May 10, 2017


When in Bali, chasing a waterfall just has to be on top of your bucket list. Most waterfalls are tucked away on the north side of the island. It takes almost half a day to get there by car. So when you only have a few days in Bali and don’t have the time to travel al the way up to the north side, you have the option to visit the Kanto Lampo waterfall. Kanto Lampo is a new hidden treasure in Bali. It’s located in the Gianyar region, not too far away from Ubud and about just one hour away from Kuta and Seminyak.  A new waterfall you might think? Yep, this spectacular piece of nature just popped out the ground less than a year ago, so let me tell you about it.



It’s said that Kanto Lampo was created when an avalanche hit the Kanto Lampo region in Kelod Kangin hamlet, Beng village.  Previously the water that now partly flows over the cliff was used for irrigation of farm land. Above the cliff, there is a water irrigation channel, but now the water also endlessly gushes over the cliff. Kanto Lampo is a cascade waterfall with several steps and rocks to climb up to. Perfect for some Instagram-worthy shots.

The villagers expressed concern about the new waterfall. Thinking that the irrigation channel would not be able to provide enough water for the nearby rice paddies. There was no need to worry as the irrigation channel has enough water running for the local farming and at the same time maintain the beauty of the Kanto Lampo waterfall. A blessing for the nearby villages who now have a brand new attraction for great tourism.





Photography by: EJC Maturbongs

I was wearing: Dress: Bamboo Blonde here

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