Kuta, Bali

Tribal Prints & Pompoms At Kuta Beach

May 28, 2017

Tamara Chloé, Chloé Bag, Mini Marcie tan, Mabu By Maria BK pompom sandals, Bali, Kuta beach

The heat in Bali always requires a girl to wear loose fitted and comfortable clothing. Heels? Tried it and trust me it was a huge mistake. Picture me almost falling flat on my face on a night out on the town.

The street pavements here were probably invented by someone not thinking of any girl wanting to dress up. Nope, I have to stick with comfy shoes, so as you can imagine I like to get creative and wear all sorts of colorful sandals. Dresses and tops and skirts ditto.

To avoid breaking out in sweat by wearing clingy clothes, I opt for easy breezy dresses to keep it fashionable and stay cool while I am at it.



I grabbed this dress at the Gota mall on the Kei Kecil islands a few months ago. The Kei islands are such remote islands, so it’s hard to get hold of any cute clothing. When I stumbled upon this dress at the local and only mall in town, I didn’t have to think twice before snatching it off the rack. The prints and colors really stood out to me. We’ve spent four months on the islands and I really missed being able to shop my favorite brands. So we are so happy to be back in back in Bali where anything you want and need is available.





We shot these photos the day after Nyepi, The Balinese new year. We went to Kuta beach where you could see the Ogoh Ogohs. These are paper mache statues built by the Balinese for the Ngrupuk parade, which takes place on the eve of Nyepi day here in Bali. Ogoh Ogoh normally has the form of mythological figures, mostly demons and they are paraded trough the villages for everyone to see, before being burned, symbolizing cleansing and purification from evil. It was great to view the statues set up on the beach before being burned. There was also a local market selling delicious foods.  We had a lot of fun strolling around here.












I got these gorgeous pompom sandals by Mabu by Maria BK on Net-A-Porter last year. I haven’t worn them much, but every now and then I like to flaunt these colorful cuties, especially when going somewhere fesitive.


Photography by EJC Maturbongs


I was wearing: 

Dress: Unknown brand
Mini Marcie Bag: Chloé here
Pompom sandals: Mabu by Maria BK here and more options here


Only a few more posts left from Bali, until we head back to Amsterdam again. It has been quite the adventure here in Indonesia. More coming up soon of course. Enjoy a fantastic Sunday everyone!

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