Ruffled Mesh And Lace At Africa Fashion Week Europe

September 21, 2017



Hey everyone

How is it going? A few weeks ago we got invited to attend Africa Fashion Week Europe. The event was located in Amsterdam, so being the true fashion lover, I totally grabbed the opportunity to check it out. Yay for tons of new fashion inspiration and let’s be honest, who can refuse an occasion to really get dressed up again right?


I ran into this dress at Zara about six months ago when I was in Bali. I tried it on, loved it, but ended up not buying it. The dress stuck in my mind for weeks on end, so when I got back in Amsterdam, I literally grabbed the last piece on sale. Phewww lucky me!



As you might know I already have long hair, but I was in the mood for a fun ombé blond hairstyle, so I clipped in this wrap-around ponytail from Luxury For Princess in the color: hazel blond”. Grab some discount at checkout on all their hair extensions, hair tools, and hair products by using discount code: tamarachloe. I have been a fan of their quality products for years now.



For a funky look, I really felt like adding fun accessories like this graphic print box bag and heels in a cool zebra print.



AFWEU was founded by fashion man Aydin Acik. His vision was to create a platform for designers that are inspired by anything from Africa. Think African culture, food, nature, color, lifestyle, people, textiles and its rich history. The result was a runway full of inspiring fashion created by numerous incredible designers.



Fashion house Zunns by Nathaly Pater threw in a bunch of glamour.





I always feel totally inspired when I visit any Fashion Week and AFWEU was no exception. The gorgeous and well-crafted designs left me full of new ideas for some new outfits I want to share with you guys on this blog.


A few tips on what to wear at Fashion Week events:

1- No matter how fabulous you want to look, comfort is key when going to Fashion Week. You’ll be up on your feet for long hours and nothing ruins the experience more than being uncomfortable. Choose comfort and an outfit that fits well.

2- Even when you are wearing a simple black dress like I did, spice it up with fun accessories for a real fashion statement.

3- Fashion Week is perfect to go all out. Think fun fedora hats, bold prints, over the top jewelry and add a little sexy by wearing a lace top or mesh dress.

4- I always pair my outfit with on-trend accessories. It makes your outfit appear up to date and looking fresh for the season.


I was wearing:

Dress and Bag: Zara
Bracelet:Myca Couture


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