Lunch at The W Hotel

April 27, 2018



How are you all doing today?

I know it’s been a while since my last post here. Seriously, I’ve been swamped with a lot of work for my projects in Indonesia lately.  I have also been busy designing the new TC Style Clues with a fabulous team of web designers and developers from Kotryna Bass. We have been busy for months now and honestly I am blown away with all the work that comes with it all. Researching for colors, backgrounds, fonts and a lot more has taken up my time. I feel like the new website will give me a new rush of inspiration to keep posting here, so bear with me untill the new blog is finished soon! At this point I am still in Amsterdam, so let me intoduce you to my son Lyon!




Yep, you guys, this is my handsome son Lyon Anthony and it might surprise you he is already a grown boy. We shot these phtos just a few days before he moved back to Los Angeles to pursue a modeling career. I am saying moving back, because we lived in L.A. when Lyon was little. Los Angeles feels like our second home. I am extremely excited to see him go his own way and follow his dreams, so you might understand these photos are special to me.



Never not happy when I can relax at the W Hotel in central Amsterdam. I love the rooftop views and the chilled atmosphere. If you get the change, make sure to stop by whenever you are in Amsterdam. About my outfit, my style has been really simple lately. I am not sure what it is, but I have been too lazy to really dress up in the past few months.  A pair of leather joggers with a flowy top has been my daily uniform. Luckily I own quite a few of those.



Always on the lookout for one-of-a-kind pieces, this particular shirt with attached faux fur on the shoulder really caught my eye when I was on a last minute shopping spree right before Christmas. I ended up not wearing it for the occasion, but figured it will look great no matter what season it is. This piece also looks super cool with a leather or denim skirt, so the possibilities are endless. I love that because nobody likes a piece of clothing only worn once or twice. The key is to go for staples. Pieces that are easy to pair with just about anything.


Photos shot by: EJC Maturbongs

Spring has finally arrived in Amsterdam and I am excited to share this seasons outfit inspiration with you guys. I am also heading back to Indonesia soon, so palm trees and sunny skies are awaiting me. I honestly can’t wait! What are you all up to this weekend? Enjoy a good one!

With love Tamara Chloé

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