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5 Tips To Slay When Mixing Prints

November 24, 2018

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Mixing patterns and prints remains the trend and can be challenging sometimes.  I am a huge fan of print mixing and I love to create outfits that contain a few fun prints. So how do we go about mixing patterns without looking like a clown? Keep on reading to check out my tips on how to master the art of mixing prints.

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1: Mix large prints with a smaller print

Trust your instinct when mixing and matching. Make sure you pick one big print and one small print to go together. For example, if you have a skirt with a large floral pattern, try pairing it with a thin-striped top.



2: Repeat Colors

Make sure to repeat colors. Repeating colors is the way to help prints complement each other instead of clashing. Colors can pull two completely different prints together and make them look like they were made for each other!

3: Keep your eye on the size

When mixing things up, pick the print you want to focus on and start there. That’s your “hero.” For example, let’s say you’re going with a statement floral dress. This pattern should be the biggest, and all others (i.e. on your jacket or sash) should be smaller in size.



4: When in doubt, stay neutral

Neutrals are anything but boring, but they are safe. If you’re rocking a mixed print as your hero piece, neutral patterns (like black, white, tan, cream) are an easy addition and will bring your look down to earth.



Another idea on how to successfully mix prints and patterns is all about repetition. Try making a whole outfit out of different stripes or nothing but polka dots together. There are two ways to do this:

1- Use a large pattern for the top with the same pattern in a smaller scale for the bottom, or vice-versa

2- Use the same scale for both patterns, but keep the colors the same. A fun, inventive way to do so is by using a white skirt with black polka dots with a black top with similar sized white polka dots. The mirror effect of the pattern’s colors in reverse is interesting and unique.



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