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How To Beat The Post-Holiday Blues

December 30, 2018



You know the feeling; the holidays are over, you welcomed the new year with a bang, you’ve made a list with new years resolutions, but after taking down the Christmas tree, there it is: the post-holiday blues. Spring is still far away and Summer? You can’t even remember what Summer looked like. There is a reason why we have such a thing as blue Monday right?  It’s not just after Christmas that many of us get down. Whenever we have a lot of fun and excitement, it’s hard to get back to our usual lives, especially if you consider your life boring and unfulfilling. This typically happens after any sort of meaningful moment or escape, like a vacation or concert. So how to get back in the full swing of a fresh new year again and start feeling positive?



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Get out in the daylight

The days are darker, the nights are longer and it really affects our mood. The best thing to battle depressed feelings during the winter days is to exercise. Yes, I know it sounds cliche, but getting off that couch and start moving is thé way to feel positive and ready to tackle anything that comes your way. I have started taking 10.000 steps daily by walking for at least one hour every day. Yes, every day! I feel absolutely fabulous after I come home and my moods and stress levels have improved so much after I started incorporating this routine into my life.


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Take a break

The holidays were hectic filled with visits, activities, parties, and events, so now is the time to step back and enjoy some time off. Walk around in your pajamas, relax with a cup of tea, watch Netflix, light some candles or read a good book. Just enjoy the peace and quiet of your own home as much as you can.



Plan a trip

Part of the joy of Christmas is all the planning, preparation, and excitement leading up to it. Perhaps you can plan a vacation to take place in a few months’ time. Whether it’s a trip to a nearby city or overseas, to have a vacation to look forward to can help you overcome some of the post-Christmas blues. In my recent post, I talked about why you should travel during the holiday season. I notice I feel so much happier when I’m in warm climates and near the ocean during the winter season. Travel really enriches the mind and soul. I am a firm believer of that.


Start a new hobby

Taking up a new hobby or finally start doing that course you’ve been wanting to do to educate yourself is a great way to change things up in in the new year. On January second I finaly started a course to learn how to speak fluent Indonesian. It really makes me look forward to studying every day and I feel empowered that I have I learned something new. The great thing is that I can apply it almost immediately in my daily life. So start that dance or cooking class you’ve been putting on hold for a while now. Now is the time to start something new and next year you will be glad that you did.



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What are your ideas to start the new year fresh? Thanks for stopping by everyone!


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