15 Ways To Be A Tourist In Your Hometown

April 9, 2019

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We all need adventures right? I mean who doesn’t?  Traveling to exotic places is one way to experience new and exciting adventures, but did you know that we can tap into an adventurous mindstate while staying close to home?  It’s all about out setting out and discovering new parts of our hometown that we’ve never even paid attention to.  Okay, example. I was born and raised in Amsterdam, but I’ve never made an effort to visit The Van Gogh museum and The Anne Frank House. Just typing this makes me feel like a culture illiterate idiot. I mean come on! The Anne Frank house? I’ve devoured her diary when I was a kid, so what’s wrong with this picture?

What is this thing that we just leave all these great city attractions for our tourists to discover? This seriously means they know more about my city than I do and that needs to change. I looked up a few ideas to be able to cruise around town during the Spring days in a more fun way. Whether I feel the need to take a staycation this year or just want to get out of the everyday rut of normal life, let’s take time to be a tourist in our own hometown! Read on if feel like you’re in the same boat as I am.



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1. Plan it. Sometimes planning the vacation is almost as fun as going on it. So take some time to plan this one. Have fun with it.

2. Relax. Often when we aren’t on ‘vacation’ or traveling somewhere we are wound tight. Even if we are meeting someone for drinks a couple blocks from the house. We are not usually in the checked out mindset unless it’s an official ‘vacation.’ So relax and enjoy daily moments.

3. Stay at a local hotel. Pick a big one in the center of town. Weekend hotel rates are often surprisingly low because all the business travelers checked out by Friday morning. The beds are comfy. You can walk to most attractions.



4. Have a ‘staycation.’ Don’t want to go out? It’s ok! Have a vacation in your own home. Get out old family photos and video, watch movies, meditate, take baths, play games, etc.

5. Visit museums in your town or area. Even the ones you don’t think you’ll like or have always made jokes about being stuffy. They may surprise you. You will likely gain a respect for the culture and history for your area.

6. Don’t go to the same old places, try new ones. Venture out and try things you never have before.


15 ways To Play tourist In Your Hometown, Tamara Chloé, Floral Dr Martens, Amsterdam

7. Take a tour. Walking tour, wine tasting, whatever your beautiful town has to offer.

8. Find the highest place in the city. Wherever that is, go! Is it a skyscraper? No problem, go all the way to the top, it’ll be fun! Is it a hill? Even better, it’ll get you out in nature. #awesomeinstagramshots

9. Get online to find discounts, specials or coupons. This will help save you some $$!


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10. Find the best lakes, ponds, wooded areas, parks, bridges, etc. Add some nature into your life. Even if you’ve been to that spot before, go and enjoy. Try looking at it in a different way. We promise it will reduce your stress and make your vacation more relaxing.

11. Rent a car. Hop in a flashy new ride and explore the city in style.

12. Show Someone Around. The best way to see your home town through the eyes of an outsider is to show them around it. Sometimes it’s not until we show someone else the best parts of where we live that we begin to appreciate it.


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13. Explore new nightlife. Find out about the hottest new bars and clubs in town or how about a night of salsa dancing?

14. Do ‘The Thing To Do’ In Your Area. You’ve been swinging on the Bali swing in Ubud, climbed the Eifeltower during sunset, got married in Vegas (well, maybe not) but what is THE thing to do in your area? What crops up again and again in the blogs and reviews you’ve read? It could be a good hike, a particular dining experience or simply posing by a well-known sign. Just do it.

15. Snap photos. Enough said, just bring your camera!



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Are you ready to kick it in your home city? Let me know where you guys are at!


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