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5 Ways To Wear The Cycling Shorts Trend

April 1, 2019


If there is one trend that isn’t going anywhere, it’s the cycling or bike shorts trend.  2018 was the year when they came back from the 90’s dead and exploded into a Summer favorite.  Nobody thought it would, but this fashion runway hit is here to stay.  A-listers appear to be on board, but would you wear the trend? If you think not, think again. These lycra shorts are so versatile. you can either dress them up or down. there is a way to style them so that almost everyone can wear them. It’s easy! Today I want to talk about ways how to wear them and dress them up looking like you just walked off the runway, and no you don’t have to be stick thin to rock them!





Pair it with an oversized blazer

The boxier the better! You can balance skin-tight cycling shorts with a power blazer that screams 80s fabulous. If you want more shape you also sinch in the blazer with a belt. Color?  Monochrome works great. Let your accessorries do the rest of talking. Think cat eye sunnies, oversized jewelry and a casual pair of mules to finish the look.



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How To Wear The Cycling Shorts Trend, tamara Chloé5


With a dressy long sleeved top

Dress down a festive long sleeved top like I am wearing here with a pair of cycling shorts for an instant on-trend vibe. You can finish the look with a cool fanny pack and a pair of combat boots. You can also dress up by wearing a pair of high heeled booties for a fun night out on the town.


With a cropped top and heels

For a sexy cool-girl vibe,  wearing a lace rimmed pair of cycling shorts with a crop top and killer heels will definitely make you stand out.  Think athleisure tops or a frisky lace number. If you want to cover up a little you can opt by wearing a sheer flowing trench coat  for a more dressy approach.




With a cozy sweater

I love the idea of a cozy sweater with cycling shorts. Long sleeved knits will look great finished with a fun pair of sneakers. Great in Spring when the weather still gets chilly at night.



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Wear it all denim

Talking about monochrome. How about killing an all denim look?  Denim on denim has become a classic by now, and is totally fun when wearing the cycling shorts trend. Still hesitating? Check Gigi Hadid’s denim ensemble here and start getting convinced.  You can try mixing different color denims. Think a navy blue denim jacket with white washed pair of shorts or go for a matchy-matchy look and keep your entire look in the same shade.


How To Wear The Cycling Shorts Trend, Floral Dr Martens, tamara Chloé8+2


I was wearing:

Dress & Fanny pack: Zara * Boots: Dr Martens: here


Would you wear the trend? Thanks for reading everyone!


xo Tamara Chloé

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