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How To Nail The 70s Trend This Season

April 5, 2019


Fashion trends come and go, but according to the Spring-Summer fashion runway shows, the 70s era will be back in full swing this season. Unlike the psychedelic 60s, this decade’s color palette was dominated by rich, earthy tones including all shades of brown. It may be a shade that was once considered drab and ugly, but designers have cottoned on to its timeless allure to bring an element of 70s style to your everyday ensembles.


As seen on the catwalks of Fendi and Chloé, the easiest way to wear this trend is to ignore the myth that brown cannot be worn with black. In fact, one of my favourite ways to wear it is with a hazel key piece finished with stylish black accessores. Or imagine a camel shade over coat layered over an all-black outfit.  Similarly, trusty wardrobe staples like boots and leather bags look super-chic in shades of camel, chocolate and copper.  


Gold jewelry

In general, the 1970s were about statement jewelry. Pendants and other jewelry pieces were large and attention-grabbing. Layering gold necklaces is a great way to revive the style of the 1970s. To make this look work, you’ll want to stick with a single metal or color and vary the length of the chains. If you choose to wear long, gold, dangling earrings from the 1970s, keep the rest of your look clean and simple. Pull your hair back to show off the earrings, and avoid flashy necklaces or pendants. If you want to wear vintage jewelry, make sure you only choose one or two vintage pieces at once and don’t pair them with a vintage outfit. Too much vintage jewelry and clothing items can look like a costume for a 70s revival party.



Seventies Style, Tamara Chloé9

70’s flowy dresses

Flowy dresses were inspired by the hippie era of the late 60s. Paisley and all kinds of exotic looking patterns were seen on the 70s style dress. This is perfect for the boho gal. You can find various styles of this trend, from maxi to short, tunic dress. Enhance its exotic look with gold, ethnic-inspired or pewter jewelry.



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Tulips, Museum plein, Amsterdam2

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Animal Prints:

Animal prints were a typical 70s fashion thing due to the rise of groovy disco music. At that time animal prints were popular on jackets and shirts. But you don’t have to go that far to add some animal instinct to your style. Try leopard scarves, pumps and skirts instead. Neutrals shades like brown, beige and black are also a careful and chic way to inject some of this 70s trend to your outfit.



Seventies Style, Tamara Chloé7

Retro tinted shades:

Glam, oversized frames were the rage in the 70s, as were aviators, in both optical and sunnies. Today the trend for retro sunglasses, especially those inspired by 60s/70s sunglasses are making a big comeback. Thick frames, off shapes, retro round lenses, and mirror lenses can be found everywhere. 70s glasses and sunglasses are oversized frames with brown to yellow tints and wireframes.



Tulips, Museum plein, Amsterdam

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One-piece Swimsuits

It was 70s sex symbol Farah Fawcett who popularized the one-piece bathing suit. Her sexy poster featuring herself with her long streaked-blonde hair, perfect white teeth and one piece swimsuit left an iconic image of the 70s fashion.

Fortunately, it is becoming more common to wear a one piece compared to bikinis, and it’s a great swimwear to wear when you’re just lounging.


I was wearing: Dress: H&M hereSneakers: Adidas hereBali Bag: TC’s Boutique here


Are you a fan of the trend?  Let me know what your favorite items are?


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