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How To Master White On White This Summer

August 8, 2019


One thing I love about Spring and Summer is the fact that I can wear white items again.  Especially all-white outfits are my particular favorites. Here is the problem though. Wearing white on white can look a little… flat. Yeah, that’s the word. You want to add a little something-something to spice it up a bit. So how do I go about doing this? The answer is simple. Texture!




















I love adding lace to an all-white outfit. This classic lace blazer paired with a sequin top and the heart patterned skirt instantly makes this outfit much more interesting, right? Like I’ve mentioned before the different texture adds depth and a certain allure to a look. You can also work with white distressed denim, velvet, leather or beaded fabrics. or how about mesh and silk? 



I have been practically living in this white lace blazer and have been able to mix and match them with a whole bunch of white on white outfits. Including a pair of distressed jeans, a white skater dress, and a simple top and silk shorts. The key is to start with a basic piece and then add items with lots of texture. You will be surprised how creative and fun your all-white outfits can turn out.



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On a more personal note, things have been going great this Summer. I want to thank everyone who reached out to me on social media on my post about my broken engagement to my ex-fiancé Emiel which you can read here. I have been overwhelmed with amazing comments, private messages full off support and understanding. 

I am in a new phase of my life where I am planning great, new things for the future. It’s ironic how life can turn out sometimes right? Last year, I couldn’t have imagined myself where I am at right now. Happy, content, and excited for what’s next to come. It’s been a rocky road, but I am getting there.

Travel wise, I am staying in Amsterdam this summer while working hard on a few new projects. New travels plans are in the making and of course going back to Indonesia, working on my inherited land is in the near future. I’ve been on work mode lately, so I am in serious need for a vacation. For now, I have been playing tourist in my own town. Need tips? Find a post about it here.  I have been going out to parties, festivals, eating out a lot and still going for my daily walks. I am taking care of my siste’s dog Charly while she is in the US, so this little baby will keep me walking a whole lot. Hey, it’s great exercise so I am not complaining!


Are you a fan of the white on white trend and what are your plans this Summer?

Thanks for stopping by you guys.

With love,

xo Tamara Chloé



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