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Cozy Sweaters That Rock Your Outfit This Fall

November 8, 2019

Yes! Sweater weather. Most of us own that favorite knit that we can’t live without during the colder season. What I love most about the Fall and Winter is the fact we get to layer our outfits, finally, get to really dress up and enjoy a good ole knitted sweater. Throw it over a pair of jeans, add a fabulous pair of boots and your done. There is only one downfall. In my opinion, a lot of sweaters can look a little blah. The shape isn’t right, the neckline is too high up making my neck appear thick and bulky, the fabric is itchy, so on and so on, but if done right the right sweater is just plain fabulous. Here are a few of my favorite sweater styles that I have been loving lately. 

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Multi Colored Knitted Sweater

One of my favorite sweater styles is the multi-colored knitted oversized sweater. I scored this particular one in London on my last trip there. Sweaters with an overload of color spice up any grey winter day and they are so easy to add to a monochrome look like an all-black outfit. Pair it with black leather pants and boots and you are good to go to for the day. Or go bold by rocking it with shoes, bags or accessories in the same color as I did. Tamara Chloé, Maserati Levante, London, Multicolor sweater.

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The Fur Patched Sweater

Cozy Swesaters That Will Edgify Your Outfit This Fall Winter


Fur yes, and of course we’re talking about faux-fur here. I love the edginess of patched fuzziness on just about anything especially a fun sweater for the cold season. Crank up your style with different colors and patterns to stand out. Pair it with sporty items, or create a classic look by adding a pair of suit pants and rocking some kitten heels.

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Cozy Sweaters That Will Edgify Your Outfit This Fall Winter


The Detailed Sleeved Sweater

Cozy sweaters That Will edgify your outfit for fall winter

Nothing beats a big piece of wool fabric clung to your body by adding details. One of my favorites are lace sleeves like I was wearing here. I have been obsessed with this style and every time I bump into a stylish number like this I just have to grab it off the shelf. A big plus is the fact that detailed sleeves elevate an monochrome -all-black- outfit into something pretty special right?


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The Color Pop Sweater

Cozy sweaters that will edgify your outfit this fall winter

Fall and Winter weather can feel mostly grey and dull, so we have to add a little bit of color as much as we can.  Even if you are really into wearing basic colors like black, browns, greys and white, just one color pop can do the trick and appear stylish and cheerful. Pick your favorite hue that matches your winter pale  skin tone, because you can’t go wrong with this one.

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Cozy sweaters that will rock your outfit this fall winter, Tamara Chloé


The Statement Sweater

Coszy Sweaters That Will edgify Your Outfit, Tamara Chloé

Make a statement by rocking a piece that calls for attention. The bolder the statement the better. I especially drool over funny and quirky slogans that make me smile. Hey, anything to brighten up the colder season right? I am looking forward to the holidays. How about you?

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