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5 Ways To Tap Into Your Younger Self

September 30, 2020

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Staying youthful is not just slapping the most expensive skincare on your face and body. It goes way deeper than that. Deep inside your brain that is. Keeping a youthful appearance starts with the way you think. You can read this and think yeah, bla bla bla, but guys this is more powerful than you can imagine. The way we think is incredibly important. I have noticed that the way we think radiates from our face. It really is that simple. So, how do we go about and apply this to our own life? Well, it all starts with tapping into your younger self. Getting in touch with your inner-child. Friends and readers sometimes ask me about my beauty routine and how I’ve been able to maintain a youthful look.  I am in my late forties and no, I don’t use expensive skincare at all. At the moment, I’m keeping it pretty simple and just use pure jojoba oil on my skin in the a.m and p.m and that’s it. I also exfoliate reguraly. When it comes to my high-end products I love Dr. Perricone products. When I am on a budget, I have been using “The Ordinary”. You know what the thing is though?  What I’ve put on my skin hasn’t really made all the difference. It’s what I’ve been doing from the inside that gave me dramatic results. Not only do I eat incredibly healthy, I avoid dairy, meat, and sugar. I also “think young” and make an effort to keep that inner-child alive. I think that is my most important beauty secret. Given the billions spent on anti- aging products and services, it’s fair to say staying youthful is important to many people. Some see wanting to stay young as something superficial, even egotistical, but I don’t believe it’s anything to be ashamed of. After all, a healthy dose of self-esteem is vital to our mental, physical, and physiological wellbeing.


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tip 1- You become what you think about.

How often have you said to yourself, “oh wow, I feel old. I’m getting old. I have so many problems. I have so many health issues now. My knees ache, my back hurts, and I need Pepto-Bismol every time I eat.” STOP the self-talk that describes you as old – this sounds woowoo, but there’s so much science behind this now it’s amazing. Just like we know that describing ourselves as happy actually makes us happier, if you describe yourself as healthy, happy, and young – you’re making real changes. That’s how we all know someone who is 80 or even 90 with a very young, child-like spirit, with tons of energy and vitality – they’ve made a choice to view life as an adventure, rather than a drudgery. If you currently describe yourself as old, sick, and weak, start describing yourself as the opposite: “I’m strong as an ox, I can out-compete a college kid, I’ve got more energy than a kid on Christmas morning!”. It’s not really a secret that the healthiest, fittest people that maintain good health into old age constantly have this “I’m young at heart” mindset and self-talk.  Of course, when you are really ill, suffer from burnout, or struggle with other health issues that make you feel tired and sick, you need rest and healing. It’s worth the try to experiment and see how positive self-talk can affect the way you feel. It will make all the difference.


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So, what to do? How to “think young, look and feel more vibrant and even get the benefits of feeling less stressful? Well, remember when you were a child and everything around you was novel and beautiful, and filled you with a sense of awe? Unfortunately, the demands of our lives — work, relationships, money, health concerns — cause all of us to gradually lose that sense of wonder. But that’s not to say it’s lost forever; here are five simple ways to get it back:


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tip 2 – Do one thing mindfully, every day.

Mindfulness helps you be truly in the moment,  and that’s one of the things adults appreciate in young children: “They are fully engaged in their experience, open to what it has to offer. Children are not worried about the past or the future. In the present moment, you can truly experience life. It doesn’t need to be anything too time-consuming or formal. “Bring your attention to your breath for a few breaths. Walk a short distance with attention to how your body — the bottoms of your feet, your legs — feel as you step. Chop one carrot with full attention to how the knife feels in your hand and to the motion of cutting.

tip 3 –  Think Beautiful

Don’t ever tell yourself you are getting old, or speak of yourself as being ugly. You know those days when you wake up and you don’t like what you view in the mirror? Your skin looks tired, your face is puffy and your eyes look small and angry.  Instead of telling yourself you look terrible, tell yourself you look great. Act like you look beautiful! Apply makeup, style your hair and while doing your routine, keep telling yourself like you look fabulous. Really feel like you look great, even if you think you don’t. I have noticed that my skin will start glowing and look firmer within a few hours and my face will start to look more happy and awake. I know it sounds like magic, but your subconscious mind will respond to what you tell it. Did you know that the subconscious mind is more receptible to what YOU tell it than when someone else does? In other words, self-talk is incredibly powerful. Your face and body will respond to it.  Talk yourself ” young and beautiful . There is more to it than you can imagine.


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tip 4 – Look up

There’s a big world around you, but it’s all too easy to get tunnel vision as you rush from one activity to the next. Don’t. “As I’ve grown older, I forget to look up at the sky”.  Don’t walk through life staring at your phone screen, rushing to the next event, and therefore, missing out on life. Take a cue from kids, who are pros at relishing their surroundings, and pause sporadically to check out everything happening around you.

tip 5 – Write down the good stuff

Kids are thrilled by the small things that happen to them, and they remember them for days — talking to their parents at night about how much fun they had at the park, or that really, really funny thing someone said at school. It pays to remind yourself of all of the good stuff that happens day-to-day. Each night, write down three things that were a blessing for you to experience during the day. It can be as big as graduation or as seemingly small as having seen a butterfly flit around a flower.”


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My secret to looking youthful is not only taking good care of yourself, but also believe in the power of positive self-talk and actions. This positive outlook on life will take years off your face. You can go and get the most expensive medical procedures done to your face, but if you think “old” it will show on your face no matter what you do. Start believing in the magic of your own powerful thought process. Don’t get me wrong I am totally for medical procedures. A little nip and tuck, a little botox or filler to smooth deep wrinkles out. I am glad we have procedures like these within our reach., but true beauty starts with the way you think. Think positive and wonderful thoughts. Keep that happy and cheerful child in you alive. You will shine bright for everyone to notice!


Do you think you can tap into your younger self?  Thanks for reading my friends!

xo Tamara Chloé


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