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Easy Last Minute Christmas Decorations

December 21, 2020

The Holidays have started! I always get so excited for the holidays,  I’ve had my Christmas tree up for two 4 weeks already. You can blame Covid, but I seriously needed a mental boost and boy does it lift your spirits to start the holiday decorating. Add hot cups of cocoa, cozy YouTube fireplaces, and all. I LOVE this season!




Become A Plant Mom


When I am ready to give my space a holiday make-over the first thing I do is thoroughly clean my home. I start dusting, cleaning windows, lamps and floors, and finish by uncluttering everything. I always do this, because I want to start my make-over with a clean base. When my home feels cleared, this is the moment I go out and buy fresh new plants and flowers. Tropical plants are my favorite because it reminds me of Bali. Lots of vivid green acts like a base for your Christmas decorations. You can pick any type of plant you like. There are no rules. if you are not a plant mom like I am, I urge you to try it out. I inherited my love for plants and flowers from my mom. Notice your space breathing with life and energy. Especially during lockdown and quarantine, this is so important, not only for your wellbeing but also for your mental and physical health. The cherry on the pie is that it looks absolutely luxurious and gorgeous.





Get Cozy With Throw Pillows

I can hardly pass up a pretty throw pillow! Whether in a store or online the first thing I find myself looking for is a new pillow! They are all so so pretty! Finding pillows you love is the easy part. To get the most out of their style and color and decor value we need to know how to make them work together! One of my favorite things about having a neutral color palette is I can add any color I want to the mix! But for now, we are going to stick with neutrals. Pillows are like the jewelry of a room. Sometimes jewelry is understated and sometimes we want to bring on the bling! Pillows are like that too! Pillows give you the option of creating understated beauty and appeal or adding a big statement to a room! The amazing thing about throw pillows! They are so versatile!

1- Vary pillow size and shape: Think of a pillow arrangement on a sofa as a vignette! They work together to tell a story or to give off a certain decorative vibe! One of the most important things to remember about arranging pillows on a sofa is to vary their size and shape! Here’s an easy rule of thumb to remember. The closer to the outside of the sofa the larger the pillow! Simple, right?

2- Use different patterns and textures: A big reason to use pillows on a sofa is to add texture to a room! Texture is more than just nubby! Textures can be shiny, rough, smooth, silky, and more! Think of adding pillows that have different textures! All one texture, say smooth, is boring! Our eyes love interesting and different things. And texture is a big way to keep our eyes/brains interested. And we perceive this as attractive! Just like all smooth pillows would be boring, all nubby pillows would be overstimulating and be perceived as busy! A mix of textures when it comes to pillows will add beauty to our room!

3- Think about a perfect color pallet: One of the most transformative things in your room can be your pillows! And they are so important when it comes to color!

Here’s what I mean. Pillows can add personality to a room because they…

1- can carry on the color palette in your room

2- or add a pop of another great or seasonal color

3- and even make a bold statement and add a bit of tension to a room

Three things that will give a room interest and personality! Now we don’t want pillows to do them all at once. So pick one way to add extra personality to a room through pillow color! Color plays such an important role in how we feel. Color affects us! Even the colors in our pillows!






Add Glamorous Glassware


The beauty of glass, its colorful patterns is an undisputed fact that they are an element of attractiveness in our house. Glass is fascinating, beautiful and versatile, with the ability to reflect, refract , and diffuse light, unlike any other medium.  The history of glassmaking can be traced back to 3500 BCE in Mesopotamia.  Long before the age of metals, glass was being manufactured from raw materials and melted into beads, bottles and, bowls.  Throughout the centuries, owning luxurious and desirable glass pieces has always been a mark of status and privilege. No wonder glass pieces are still a loved item by many. Collect your own pieces. Like vases, candle holders, plates, lamps, glassware. You can find the most beautiful pieces for amazing prices that won’t break the bank and still add that “chic” factor to your holiday decorations.




Christal Chandelier


Scented candles


A good scented candle can bring such light (no pun intended) and joy into your space. Burning scented candles is a go-to relaxing ritual that can be such a mindful act of self-care. Or perhaps you’re just drawn to the cute packaging and want the pretty jars on display in your space. If you’re willing to invest in a good candle, chances are that you want to take good care of them and make the most of your purchase. Here a few tips to keep them pretty and burning at it’s best




Tunneling is when your candle burns unevenly, leaving a lopsided misshapen candle with wax usually left unmelted on the sides of your candle jar. Not only is it an eyesore, but it also leaves a good amount of yummy scented wax unused. One thing we do not waste is a good scented candle. If you want to make your candle leveled, all you have to do is first light the candle and wrap it in aluminum foil all around leaving just enough space for the candle to burn without going off. Make sure it is evenly covered – the goal is to trap the heat in the foil so the wax melts off the sides. Light it for two to four hours at most depending on the candle’s instructions. By the time you’re ready to turn it off and remove the foil, your candle will be back to one level. Leave it to cool in its exact position for just a while longer so your melted wax doesn’t get on the sides, it will just end up cooling on the sides once more. I’ve done this enough times to learn my lesson.







Reusing your candle jars

Candle jars tend to be pretty accessories and décor items wherever they are placed. You don’t have to throw it in the trash once your wick is over. You could always reuse them for storing makeup brushes, jewelry, bathroom knick-knacks or stationery. To avoid breaking the jar and have a clean result, simply place the candle jar in a bowl of hot water. Once melted, you could just throw away the liquid wax and wash your jar. Tada, ready to use as you please. Bonus tip: Instead of throwing away the melted wax, you could pour it into a different container, or mold. Add a strand of some waxed wick to create smaller DIY ‘tea candles’. They probably won’t last too long, but hey, sometimes the scent is just too good to go to waste.


Happy Holidays!

XO Tamara Chloé