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Hell Yeah, I Turned 50

March 8, 2021


I did it! I’ve hit that milestone. I turned 50 years old just recently. People might say that it sounds “old” right? It’s that number 5 that does it for most of us, But you know what?  the new “old” is freaking cool. Especially if you don’t feel and look it.  I was born in the seventies, and I am proud to be part of a generation that were, strong and innovative, fearless asskickers. We don’t bitch and moan about life, because we grew up without the perks of the  internet, smartphones and social media. In my opinion that is the reason we were able to develop social and peoples skills all on our own without the distraction of getting likes and follows, let alone being absorbed by it while not being able to hold a decent conversation.  I LOVE that I’ve lived through that era. I really do. I think of all the things that I have watched come and go.  CD, DVD, answering machine, walkman, mixtape, MTV, video store, mall.  There were still some rotary phones around in our childhood—now it’s nothing but virtual buttons. I love virtual buttons don’t get me wrong. The great thing is also that I am still here, because unfortunately there are people that won’t even make it to this age. Every year that passes I am grateful. Happy to still be part of this planet. Just recently somebody tried to guess my age. They guessed 27! Not trying to brag, but that made it a very great day. Eat your greens, get 8 hours of sleep, stay away from meat and sugars and avoid stress as much as possible. It’s been my mantra and I hope to live by that for many more years. Cheers to another 50!


Dress by: Femme Luxe  | SHOP here in pinkhere in black – here in lilachere in tan


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xo Tamara Chloé

"Most People think I'm in
my 30's, but I'm actually 51
years young".

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