I’m 50, This is How I Care For My Skin

July 21, 2021
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Fabulous aging can be an exciting thing. Why? Well, we all become wiser, worry less, have more confidence within ourselves, and enjoy life way more than when we were in our twenties, Over the years we’ve learned a thing or two. So hey, It doesn’t go all downhill. We go up! This can also apply when you look at the outside. Once we get older we tend to take better care of our skin. For me, it resulted in having better skin now than when I was younger. I might have a few small lines that weren’t there before, but the health of my skin approved than when I was 25. Hallelujah for a healthy diet and drinking more water. I like to work on my skin mostly from the inside. I watch what I eat, take my supplements and herbs to keep my skin fresh and healthy. On the other hand, taking care of the outside is just as important.  I do have my favorite skincare products that I’m obsessed with, so I thought: “Let me share a few favorites”  with you guys.


1- The Body shop’s Moringa Body Butter

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Being my age (a fabulous 50), you can obviously understand that I have tried and tested gazillions of body lotions in my life. Okay, I am exaggerating of course, but I have tried many, and after searching for years I have found my winner. The Moringa Body Butter is of a thick texture, smooths out deliciously, and really feeds the skin making it perfect for dry and aging skin.  What I love about this body butter is that it doesn’t leave a sticky film, as a lot of body moisturizers do. Your skin feels intensely moisturized and glowing, and after a couple of days, your skin is so silky smooth you won’t even believe it. My man can’t take his hands off my legs, so the bonus is that he constantly treats me with a leg and foot massage. Last, but NOT least, what I love the most is the gorgeous smell of this body butter. It smells like a tropical luxurious Summer day. What’s amazing is that I don’t even have to wear perfume when using this body butter. The soft and sexy floral smell lingers for hours. I always apply generously to my neck and behind my ears for an extra effect. On the last note: If you are living in a very humid climate -like Asia- this product might be too heavy. I think it works best in dry climates, like California and Europe etc.



2- Jade Facial Roller

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If you are looking for a handy face massage tool, The Jade facial roller and massager set is a great product that I love. The coolness of the face massager can help shrink pores while the roller promotes blood circulation, which can reduce puffiness and wrinkles. This set includes a large and a small roller, it is a great massage tool kit to keep your face looking fresh. The large ice roller is ideal for most body parts, such as the face, arm, leg, foot, and so on, helping you relax and relieve pain as it makes you feel cool when you apply it on your body parts. The small roller is dual-ended, the bigger is nice for the neck, chin, cheeks, forehead and other parts of the body while the smaller is perfect for around the eyes, nose and lips. Keep using it to massage your face for 5-10 minutes every day or 3 days a week, you will get healthier and smoother skin. Perfect for reducing puffiness around the eyes and massaging hard-to-reach parts of the body for full coverage. Smooth enough, can be used for deeper and more effective facial skin and body skin massage.



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3- Salt Sea Hammam Body Scrub By Rituals


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Every time I visit Bali, The first thing on my list is going for the sea salt scrub treatment in Seminyak. For a full hour, the lady scrubs your body from head to toe using the best Balinese sea salts. I have never felt my skin feeling so smooth afterward. Back in The Netherlands, I went on a hunt to find a Balinese sea salt scrub and I found one pretty similar to the brand Rituals. It was such a bummer that the Balinese salt scrub was only available that particular Summer and they discontinued it. The sales lady at Rituals recommended I try the Ritual Of Hammam sea salt scrub and oh boy it did not disappoint! Let me explain what The real Ritual Of Hammam actually is. Hammam is one of the oldest body cleansing rituals in the world. In the East, this authentic steam bath ritual has been practiced for deep purification of the body and mind. Sounds amazing right? The scrub is fueled with ingredients like “warming ginger and cooling eucalyptus.  This heavenly product takes you to another magical place like you are in a luxurious spa. It reduces fatigue and enhances a feel-good mood. The smell is amazing and on top of that, your skin is super soft and deeply cleansed.



4- Dry Brushing



Dry brushing the skin is a beauty method that has been around for centuries and for a good reason. Dry brushing gets rids of dead skin cells making it able to breathe more. It activates skin cell renewal resulting in gorgeous glowing skin. It lifts dirt and impurities of the skin and deeply cleanses the pores, What I love most about it is that it when done regularly it tightens the skin and takes care of unwanted cellulite that most women struggle with. It also works as a detox, because it stimulates the blood flow and jump-starts the lymphatic system, so your body can eliminate toxins faster and more efficiently  A few minutes of dry brushing before your shower or bath every morning will give you the energy boost by literally waking up your entire body and mind.


5- Buffet By The Ordinary


Buffet, The ordinary

If you are a fan of clean beauty the skincare brand The Ordinary is the way to go. Most of you must have heard of The Ordinary because they received a cult status soon after they came out a few years ago. Their products are ridiculously well priced and affordable because they chose to cut their prices by using very modest packaging.  You can buy products including serums, moisturizers, eye creams, etc, for as low as 5 euros.  Read their about page here if you want to find out more about them. The serum “Buffet” Has been one of my favorites. The formula combines a comprehensive array of studied technologies to target multiple signs of aging at once. It’s a great gentle way to add peptides. My skin looks softer and brighter and I’ve noticed my very few fine lines are less noticeable. I recommend this to anyone wanting to try anti-aging products at a great price. You can use it on its own or before applying a moisturizer. Some find the texture a little sticky and some don’t, but considering the low price it is worth trying out.



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