At 50, Are We Too Old To Wear This? Hell No!

December 11, 2021


I remember the days in my early twenties when I would think that when I’d hit my 40’s and 50’s, I would be invisible. My looks would fade and it would be all over.  Little did I know that today at 50 years young, I haven’t changed as much in the looks department as I expected. Okay okay, I’ve put on a few extra pounds, not much, but that’s about it.  Better yet, I’ve required knowledge, a much better self-understanding, and an even more powerful mindstate than I’ve ever had. If I only knew how awesome this life phase really is, I would have been so much more content with every birthday that would pass. It’s only now, that I’m really excited about amazing more years ahead of me. This is because it only gets better and better. The reason I talk about it is because I want women in their twenties and thirties to feel amazing about aging and not worry that their looks will fade and we’ll end up looking like an old hag. Who cares if we have a wrinkle or two. It’s how we carry ourselves that counts. On the other hand, if you take really good care of yourself from age twenty and/or thirty, your future self will thank you for it. I don’t smoke, only drink on special occasions, and changed my diet into a delicious anti-aging diet that did wonders. – Read this post what I eat-. Do I worry about how to dress? Hell no! I think that when you feel your outfit looks good, others will feel the same. You just have to wear your stuff unapologetically fierce and own it. It’s not about how short your skirt is, how tight those leggings are, or if you are wearing a sleeveless top. It’s about HOW you wear it. Stand up straight with confidence. Imperfections are fabulous, perfection is boring. Us 40,  50, and 60+ gals are not dressing like our grannies used to dress. -Sorry grandma-! We’ve evolved. We are ahead of the “aging” game and in 2021 we are the new generation “middle-age women that have changed how people view fabulous aging. Let’s stay badass ladies, deal?!


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I’ve always liked dressing up and over the years that has never changed. Right now, I absolutely love the midi skirt/dress trend. When I lived in Los Angeles back in the nineties it was trending for a few years too. The Hollywood in-crowd would wear midi skirts with sexy strappy heels and glitter tops at night, or with flat sandals and a white tank top in the daytime. Belly full-on showing. of course. LA’s amazing weather allowed us to rock that style all year round though. This trend is great for us more mature ladies. The key when wearing something trendy is keeping jewelry simple and clean. I  stack them yes, but not too much. When I started this blog in 2012, I used to wear a lot of chunky jewelry but noticed that it dragged my look down. It feels heavy and makes me look older. Delicate and classy jewelry pieces are light and elevate my outfit without being too overpowering. It’s a personal choice of course, and if you can rock chunky jewelry, then yes go ahead and do it! For example, I think it looks great on girls with a short hairstyle and a very petite bodytype.


Tamara Chloe wearing an olive green biker jacket and skillzletic baseball cap, Tamara Chloe wearing an olive biker jacket and a skillzletic baseball cap, fashion women over 40 and 50Escape, Amsterdam 2021


If there is one item you can go crazy with at every age, it’s gotta be your footwear. If you keep your outfit clean you can go wild on sexy heels, boots, sneakers whatever you choose. Go bold on prints, funky details you name it! As you can see, it’s the zebra print heels that totally elevate the look I was wearing.


 Tamara Chloe wearing an olive biker jacket and a skillzletic baseball cap, fashion women over 40 and 50

Tamara Chloe wearing an olive biker jacket and skillzletic baseball cap

Tamara Chloe wearing an olive biker jacket and a skillzletic baseball cap

“There is a huge billion-dollar industry whose business model is based on making women feel inadequate, so they’ll buy their products”


Many times I’ve heard from women around me that their insecurity heightens when they hit  a certain age. I think it has a lot to do with how the media and beauty industry has led us to believe we only matter when we look perfect, perky and, youthful.  I totally feel this and understand. It’s confusing to see your body changing, I get it. It’s important to find peace within yourself by not allowing to talk down on yourself. That true beauty radiates from the heart, your smile, your joy in life, how you carry yourself. This is the part where true anti-aging starts, better yet,  let’s call it PRO-aging, because there is nothing wrong with adding another beautiful year to your life and enjoying that gift to the fullest. I will talk more about this topic in one of my next posts coming up,  so stay tuned.


Sending love to all of you. Thanks for reading my friends x

"Most People think I'm in
my 30's, but I'm actually 51
years young".

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