My Immune System Boost Against Covid-19

February 5, 2022

After almost two years of being able to avoid Covid, it was finally my turn to get struck by the virus. I know exactly how I got it too. Prior to getting Covid, I had an extremely stressful week, without hardly any sleep. I felt my immune system had just weakened, so I had a feeling it was coming. Especially because people around me had tested positive for Covid. I was tested positive for Covid 10 days ago and I felt pretty darn ill. I had severe body chills and pains, a bad headache, fever, a nasty cough and a runny nose. I personally know quite a few people that had debilitating Covid symtomps and even ended up in the hospital and ICU.  A very scary thought. Thankfully, I was lucky to recover at home. My first thought was to eat in a way that would boost my natural immune system and be able to beat this “monster” as fast as possible. I’ve  been drinking green smoothies for years, so I am quite a fan of this approach when I’m feeling sick. I introduced my hubby to green smoothies when we started dating, and he actually came up with this delicious recipe!  This vitamin-C laden smoothie felt like a miracle drink and soothed my worst symptoms fast.

So here it is. The recipe is for 2 to 3 servings.

Brocolli-banana-mandarin smoothie

2 bananas

2 mandarins or a large orange

A quater piece of lemon cut into pieces including the peel

A few large pieces of organic broccoli (preferably the stem)

1 teaspoon raw honey

Half an inch of freshly cut ginger

2 small glasses of water

Add to your blender and blend until smooth!


Did you know that brocolli is full of vitamin C? The key vitamin for healing any type of virus! Apart from drinking broccoli smoothies. I drank a bottle of fresh beet juice for the first two days. It totally stopped my feverish chills in just a few hours. I’m not sure if this was a coincidence, but I highly recommend drinking fresh beet juice when coming down with a cold or flu or even Covid.

Besides eating extremely healthy, I drank the following liquids during my Covid recovery

– Fresh celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach

– One bottle of fresh organic beet juice

– Fresh ginger tea with slices of lemon and ginger throughout the day

Broccoli smoothies and other green drinks

– Lots and lots of hot water.

When I felt like my sweet tooth was itching I would drink an oat milk hot chocolate. Just heat up some oatmilk – I use Oatly-, add a spoon of raw cocoa powder and a spoon of honey. It’s deliciousssssss! Avoid dairy and sugar as it will worsen your symptoms. Especially regular cowmilk coats your throat and increases mucus production and that is not a good thing! Avoid it completely as it has always made a huge difference for me when I came down with a virus. Just to be clear, I am not a doctor and I am just sharing what helped me personally to heal fast and soothe my worst symptoms. If you tested positive for Covid and your symptoms worsen. Call your doctor immediately as you might need professional help or even a hospital admittance. To stay healthy and dissease free, I believe in boosting your natural immune system by watching your diet, regular exercise and avoiding stress as much as possible.

Stay healthy everyone!

xo Tamara Chloé

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