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7 Tips To Calm (Peri)Menopausal Symptoms

July 20, 2022

Yes, I’m going to talk about it! Menopause. That dreadful life phase that most would women rather skip. A lot of us don’t mention menopause, especially when we’re going through it. Social media is the last place where you want to talk about it. It’s really out of fear of being projected as “old”, over the hill, or dried up. None of it is true! We are so not old! Especially us, the Gen-X women! A generation that basically invented the term badass! We are so done with stigmas that define women over 40 as “old”. The fact is: that we are going through an amazing transformation. The time in our life where we finally get to know our true selves, prioritizing our friggin wants and needs, and get a much bigger insight of life itself.  When I’m typing this, I am right in the middle of going through menopause. and let me tell you it has been a challenging, but also eye-opening road.


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If you are a regular reader of this blog and have followed along for a while, you might know I’ve talked mostly about fashion here, I was 41 years old when I started this blog in 2012, and it’s still my fantastic little space. I LOVE fashion and I love talking about it. Things change over time though. We change, and so do our bodies. Mentally and physically. My perimenopause symptoms started about four years ago. Perimenopause are the years leading up to menopause. I’m talking a sudden tendency to unexplained weight gain, irritability, mood swings, muscle aches fatigue, and heavy period pains. It only worsened from the moment I had my last period six months ago and it recently started coming back again. On top of that, I started getting hotflashes and night sweats. This was really horrible. I felt like I could hardly function because of it. Being the health freak that I am, I started researching and trying out herbs and supplements. Guess what? I found a miracle remedy and adjusted to a  lifestyle that completely took ALL my hot flashes and night sweats away and I mean all of them! I also sleep like a baby! So what did I do?



First and foremost a healthy lifestyle is a must, but you girls already know that.

If you are experiencing symptoms, you can’t expect your body to work with you when you are not living the healthiest lifestyle. This is a time when you have to make changes in the way you live to feel much better. You are going through a major transformation. It is a challenge I know!



1Watch trigger food

It does pay off once you take the time to look into what your body needs. I am not a doctor, but I just want to share what is working for me at the moment. Eat extremely healthy and green, cut sugars, too much coffee and alcohol and, spicy food. These are major triggers for hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms! Reducing or drastically cutting certain foods entirely will make a huge difference! For instance, I drink one cup of coffee a day instead of three and that’s it. You can also choose decaf coffees, lattes, or cappuccinos.  You will still get the taste, but not the caffeine. Caffeine is THE worst if you drink too much of it during menopause.


Work out! Try to find an exercise that works for you. For me, I do weight training, Zumba dance for cardio, and sometimes a short High Intensity Interval training. Listen to your body and try not to overdo it. Running a 20-mile marathon can backfire by having you depleted of energy for days. Instead, women our age do best to build muscle by lifting weights. It will keep your weight in check and have you burning calories even when you are resting. Other exercises like yoga, pilates, dancing, cycling and long walks are amazing. For some women, it’s great to do slow-paced exercises instead of fast-paced workouts. Too much stress on the body can mess with your out-of-control hormones, so listen to your body and find out what works for you. It might take some time to find out. What worked for you 10 years ago, might not work for you now! It’s okay, be kind to yourself and, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel great after running on the treadmill for an hour as you used to. Instead, try intervals of 1-minute running and 5 minutes of walking instead. You can do this for as long as you feel. 15 minutes, 20 minutes, or longer. Just pay attention to how you feel the next day. The right exercise will make you sleep better, and feel more relaxed, lift your moods and feel more energized.

Get rid of major stressors in your life. Stress will worsen symptoms. Make an effort to take a good look at what gives you stress. This could be a demanding parent or in-laws. Kids that are going through puberty, a very hectic job, financial problems, moving to another town or home, or even working out too hard in the gym. Make it a priority to make this time about you. Be kind to yourself!  Others around you will have to understand that you are going through this transformation, and it can be a very tough road. Some women are so depleted of their energy that they can’t even hold their jobs anymore.


There is one thing you should not feel guilty about and that is taking naps throughout the day. If there is one thing that can restore your frazzled mind and body quickly this is it!


“She’s mad, but she is magic. There is no lie in her fire”

So now we are getting to the exciting part! This remedie right here is THE BOMB! It is a Dutch product and it’s called Famosan Overgang Sterk by Dr. A. Vogel. I’ve been using it for three months straight and my hot flashes and night sweats are completely gone.  The main ingredient is Salvia also known as Sage. Dr.Vogel added a high dose of Salvia that is higher than in most other products. and it works! I could scream it from the top of the roofs, it’s that great! It takes a few weeks to kick in, so you have to be consistent otherwise you won’t get the full benefit. Once it starts working you will feel so, so SO much better. It has changed my life and well-being and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it. I am highly recommending this product,  so grab it and try it out for yourself. You can thank me later!

6: Meditate and/or Do Positive Affirmations

Finding quiet time and digging deep into myself has helped me navigate through my worst symptoms. Although my hot flashes and night sweats are completely gone, I still find myself more tired than usual and easily off balance. Meditation helps to get my balance and confidence back. I find a place in my home where I can do deep breathing and repeat powerful affirmations to myself. Affirmations are repeated positive statements used to encourage yourself and boost self-esteem. You can use affirmations to defy negative thoughts, help overcome anxiety, and to increase self-love. When practiced daily, self-affirmations can work because you can become more resilient and have a stronger sense of self. You know who you are and you clearly understand your core values. Hence, you can handle negative emotions and situations better. I usually practice this in the morning, but you can do them any time of the day. Bob Baker has great videos with very powerful affirmations. They range from affirmation recordings for health, abundance, positive thinking, taking action, relaxation, gratitude, and much more!  They usually only last for ten minutes, so they are great if you just need a quick session. The benefits are very powerful. I highly recommend them.  Find Bob Baker’s channel on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/mrbuzzfactor


7: Certain foods to eat

It makes a huge difference what foods you choose to put into your body during your menopausal transition. Eat foods that are high in phytoestrogens like Tempeh, soybeans, tofu, miso, whole soybean soy milk, and soy drinks. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and vegan foods that are rich in vitamin D and Calcium like kale, spinach, okra, collards, sun-exposed mushrooms, and white beans. If you are not a vegan or vegetarian you can add some fish like sardines, salmon, perch, and rainbow trout, eggs, fortified milk, and yogurt. I do not eat dairy but if you do, these are options. I think it is important to eat less meat and dairy, because these foods put stress on your body and hormones. I do eat some fish though. Not including meat and dairy is my personal choice, and I recommend trying it out for yourself if you get curious. The most important thing is that your body is a machine that needs supercharged high-quality foods to keep it running. View your body as your holy temple that needs to be nourished. Enjoy trying out new healthy recipes that start from the moment you wake up. 


Okay, I understand now… Menopause is just Puberty’s evil older sister…

Finding your way into this transition is not an easy one. It takes a lot of trial and error to find out what you need to feel better and to be able to cope. It has taken me years to figure things out, and I am not fully there yet. Some women give up and just think that feeling bad is part of the journey, but you simply don’t have to feel bad at all! Keep searching for solutions, even when everything you have tried is not working. As I said, it has taken me a long time to figure out what triggered, and also eased my symptoms. If I can be a little bit of help in your search I am a happy camper. I hope it will help you enjoy the menopausal life you deserve! Thanks for reading my girls. 


Much love!

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