The Sacred Beauty Ritual Treatment

July 22, 2022

When it comes to skincare, I’m looking at the body and mind as a whole. Taking care of all aspects of who you are, be it mentally, spiritually, and also physically, reflects on the health of your skin. In other words, when you feel good, you automatically look better. Only slapping on your favorite skin care products is not going to cut it. I think great skin care starts with what’s on the inside. I was invited by Daniela Liesdek from Sacred Beauty Rituals in Amsterdam to experience a very special beauty treatment. Daniela’s idea of great skincare has a holistic approach. She uses unique rituals like Reiki, healing christals, aura readings, aroma therapy, smudge sticks, intuitive massage, guasha stones, and sound scales to cleanse the spirit. All this wonderfulness combined with a special beauty skin treatment of your choice. It is the ultimate way to reconnect with yourself.


“Skincare is a journey, embrace the process”

Upon entering Daniele’s salon, I was enchanted by her gorgeous space and kind and warm spirit. Beautiful Candles, healing stones, burning incense, sage smudge sticks, flowers, and greenery were on display everywhere. I felt like I entered a mystical paradise. We started with a delicious cup of hot tea, and a great conversation that made me dig deeper into myself and unlock a few blockages. There were quite a few a-ha moments. We agreed on doing the 24K Liquid Gold Sacred Beauty 2.0. A very special treatment that contains 24K leaf and gives you an aaamazing golden glow. First Daniela started with an aura reading and according to the outcome she prepared a personal and very powerful flower and herbal hand bath to cleanse any negative energy and revitalize the spirit and the aura. It felt amazing and the flowers and herbs smelled incredible. My beauty treatment started with a deep steam cleaning and was followed by a dermaplaning session.  Dermaplaning is a minimally invasive procedure that shaves away the top layers of your skin with a sterile surgical knife. It’s an efficient way to remove baby facial hair and dead skin cells. Daniele told me that Marilyn Monroe used to do this treatment too. How special is that? Daniele followed with the 24K gold mask, applied Reiki and aroma therapy ritual, and finished with a Guasha stone scalp comb. It was so relaxing and calming.

”Fall In Love With Yourself Again”

– Sacred beauty rituals

The more mature I get, the more I need something special when it comes to beauty. It is the holistic approach that makes Daniele’s beauty rituals gentle, yet so incredibly powerful. It felt like returning home to myself. Finding total inner peace and calmness. Daniele’s warm personality also adds to incredible experience. 

Apart from the holistic beauty treatments that Daniela offers, you can also shop the Sacred Beauty Ritual goodies. Think smudge kits, ritual boxes, manifestation candles, spiritual waters and colognes, black and white sage, incense, Palo Santo bundles, healing crystals, and much, much more. The website is absolutely stunning, so head over if you want to check it out and shop all these fantastic goodies here. They also make a great gift for your loved ones who might need it.

So here you have it! A barefaced and no makeup shot right after the  24K Liquid Gold Sacred Beauty 2.0 facial. I came in very tired and left feeling rejuvenated and glowing. Can you spot that “golden” glow? Besides the Sacred beauty rituals, Daniele also offers skincare treatments like Dermapeel,  Microneedling, Bucca face massage, Hydrojelly mask, LED light-therapy, but also feminine care like Monthly womb cleansing and healing, Womb fertility, and much more! You can visit the website for all the treatments and choose what fits and suits you best.

Thanks for reading lovelies. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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