5 Tips How To Wear Black When It’s Hot Outside

September 6, 2022


We all have to agree that it has been an amazing Summer. We’ve enjoyed months of beautiful sunny weather and I’m loving it. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you might know that I’ve always loved wearing lots of color during the Summer. For some reason, something shifted in my personal style choices, and I’ve been reaching more and more for black outfits. While most of us choose bright, bold prints and crisp, cool neutrals during the warmer months, there is something about this inky hue that exudes a dramatic style statement. Not only does your suntan look gorgeous rocking that black summer dress, but it also appears classy, elegant, sleek, simple, and even sexy and sensual. What’s more, this season, fashion insiders are not only making the case for black as an unexpected addition to your summer wardrobe but are also enveloping themselves in the shade from top to toe. I’m all for it! Black is chic in Summer, especially if you wear it correctly. 

“Women who wear black live colorful lives”

1: Pick The Right Fabric

When it’s hot out and you choose to wear all black, it makes sense to wear light, flowing and breathable fabrics like jersey, cotton, satin, or linen. If you want to vamp up your feminine side a little choose chiffon, mesh, and lace. Cut-out dresses (a major Summer 2022 trend) also work really well, because it shows some skin and looks very “Summery”. 


2: Show Some Skin

Talking about skin, who doesn’t want to look sexy but also suitable for the season? You don’t have to sacrifice your love for black to make it happen. Instead, choose a black dress with a little revealing design. A little wider neckline, cutouts, slits, strapless or spaghetti straps that leave your arms uncovered, feel sexy and summery at the same time. You’re sure to drop a bombshell in a total black outfit that shows some skin.

Pro Tip: Choose only your best assets for the skin show. If you think your legs are the sexiest part of your body, a mini black dress or a long black dress with a slit is the ultimate choice. Keep the rest of the parts covered, as revealing too much skin will look inappropriate for any occasion.

“I love black, because it affirms, designs and styles. A woman in a black dress is a pencil stroke”

Yves Saint Laurent

Fun Fact:

 A study carried out in 1980 examined why Bedouin people tend to wear black robes despite living in an extremely hot desert. Researchers found that although black does take in more heat than a color like white, it disappears before reaching the skin. So, take that. If that wasn’t proof enough, according to a Gizmodo article from 2012, white’s ability to reflect heat works both ways. It obviously directs the sun’s rays away from the body, but can also reflect the heat coming from your body straight back onto your skin.


3: Offset Black With Neutrals

To break the severity of the black, mix and match it with other lighter colors. This will make the outfit more summery and lively. The great thing about black is that you can pair it with literally every neutral shade. I think it looks gorgeous with brown, khaki, cream, camel, beige, silver, and gold, and on top of that looks amazing on tanned skin. For example, I chose a camel shade straw Bali bag and silver accessories to brighten up the look.  

4: Say Yes To Sunglasses

A fabulous combination: a pair of statement sunglasses with an all-black outfit. Sunglasses with a colorful frame revamp your statement to OTT, so before heading out the door reach for your boldest pair of sunnies! Cat-eye, oversized, and retro style sunglasses are hot this season. Elleon and I are coming out with our line of sunglasses soon, which is very exciting, so stay tuned for this. I am super curious how you all will like them. Let me tell you, they will be fabulous!  

5: Wear the right shoes

When it comes to picking the right Summer shoes with a black outfit, I think it’s a great choice to go for bright shoes. Be it a pair of white sneakers, tan-colored sandals, strappy silver or gold heels, or a fun color cowboy boot (I’ve seen a white version a lot lately) Break up the black with a fun and sparkly shoe. It will look light and breezy and that’s the look totally appropriate for a hot day don’t you think?

If you are curious about where we shot these photos, then let me tell you that this spot is it! I had heard so much about it and finally, I got a chance to swing by and boy, it did not disappoint.  This is the beach club Hippie Fish at Zandvoort Beach. The boho-Ibiza style atmosphere and relaxed lounge music put you into that holiday state of mind. This place is a vibe and on top of that, the drinks and foods are delicious!

Here is the adress guys: 

 Boulevard Paulus Loot 3, 2042 AD Zandvoort

I was wearing: Dress: Zara – Bali Bag: TC Style Clues shop hereSandals: Zara – Bracelet: Swarovski shop here


Would you rock black outfits this Summer, or do you think it’s only for colder weather? Let me know what you guys think! 

Thanks for reading!

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