I’m Tamara Chloé, I am a 52-year-old fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blogger based out of Amsterdam & Bali. Being of Scandinavian and Melanesian Ancestry, I have always believed that the term “age gracefully” sounded so blah. How about aging fabulously, fiercely, and with a kickass mindset that’ll have you knocking down every obstacle that life throws at you? On this blog, I want to help women look and feel young at every age. To feel proud of every new year you are adding to your beautiful life. To “think young” and radiate it, because fearless aging is cool. Whether it comes to bold fashion choices, skincare routines that work, and a healthy anti-aging diet that will have you glowing. It’s all here my friends. Welcome to TC Style Clues.

The journey has led me to establish my online presence. Out of passion, I started photography and writing about fashion online, casually on my travels. I was attending fashion shows and capturing life on camera, and in the blink of an eye, I had amassed a lovely following. It’s here where I found my online community and have been lucky to work as a fulltime content creator now, and I haven’t looked back for a second.

Growing up, I was classically trained in singing and dancing at the Lucia Marthas institute for Performing Arts, which was my first creative outlet. This started a wild whirlwind journey, from being discovered at the age of 17 to sign my first record deal with renowned producers Fluitsma & van Tijn, traveling through Europe to work on various musical projects, to having the famous artist Prince invite 19 year old wide-eyed me to perform on stage with him in London. I was a ambitious young artist, and when I moved to Los Angeles I wound up working as a dancer, performing for high profile establishments. Throughout my life I was always drawn to creativity and aesthetic, and that journey has led me to expressing that and transforming it into a digital business.

I have had the pleasure of working professionally with prominent and startups fashion brands like Addidas, Dior, L’óreal, Vichy, Hunkemoller, Prisma watches, E.L.F. Cosmetics. I have been working diligently on reviewing high-end hotels, spas and affordable local hotspots on my travels, most notably in Bali, where my background gives a unique inside view into it’s beauty and cultural world to the audience. I’m constantly enpassioned to be persistence and resourceful in keeping up with the latest fashion trends globally while working on my own unique techniques and eye for aesthetic. I own ancestral land in the Kai Islands, Indonesia, where I run a tropical fishing business, and I am currently working on a building real-estate in the hospitality sector.

My life wasn’t without struggles, however. Ten years ago, I suffered from a major burn-out due to overworking myself, which taught me valuable lessons in balancing passion, work-ethic and self care. I learned the importance of physical as well as mental wellness, nutrition and re-evaluating my living conditions. The first step was re-thinking how I thought about food. Eating is something we often do because it pleasurable, to cope. It’s a simplistic short term view to prioritize taste over health.  I eventually found joy in figuring out how to balance taste, aesthetic value and nutritional properties, drawing inspiration from online communities and putting my twist on it based on my cosmopolitan living experiences and mixed heritage. I started focusing on my beauty routines as if they were therapeutic rituals, tending to the outside as well as in. Ritualistic practices as well as beauty are powerful elements of Asian cultures. Common tasks can become spiritual and invoke a sense of peace in the mind and help you look young and youthful. Occasionally, I still get asked for my ID when I purchase my favorite bottle of wine, even though it’s been about two decades since my 21st birthday. I believe developing good lifestyle habits and incorporating some ancient eastern wisdoms into your daily life and your bathroom can help enormously in fostering tranquility and beauty in our lives.

On my platform, I’m keen on sharing fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips and tricks I have accumulated over the years to my readers and inspiring others to live their best lives. I hope you enjoy reading and may this blog be a place that promotes growth, so that we may all continue to blossom in the future.

XO Tamara Chloé

"Most People think I'm in
my 30's, but I'm actually 51
years young".

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