Why did you name your blog TC Style Clues? 

Well, TC stands for Tamara Chloé and Style Clues is referred to women who have no clue what to wear on a particular day. You know the feeling when you wake up and can’t pick and choose from your own closet?  I know I struggle with this almost every day. What woman doesn’t?

Are you really 52 years old? You look way younger!

Yes, I am. When I started TcStyleClues.com 11 years ago, my main goal was to write about fashion and while doing so I never revealed my age to my readers. As my blog was growing, I wanted to focus more on how to feel and keep looking good at any age and inspire young women to embrace their beauty. We should not let the aging process get in the way of who we truly want to be. Being lucky to celebrate yet another birthday is a blessing. Growing “older” should feel great and we should all be able to enjoy this natural process. When I turned thirty years old, I started researching anti-aging methods while implementing lifestyle changes that made all the difference. Doing this really helped me to slow down the clock. What’s really important to me is that you can apply this lifestyle and still be cost-effective. Maintaining a youthful appearance and staying healthy while using natural strategies should be affordable for every woman.

Do you have any childeren?

Yes, I have a 30 year old daughter Lyon

  What is your nationality?

I am a Dutch born citizen, however my mom is Indonesian and my dad is Scandinavian.

Did you really study photography just for this blog?

When I started this blog, I promised myself that the imaginary would have to be top notch, While I played around with phone cameras in the first few months, I soon vowed that this blog needed the professional touch only beautiful photos can give. I studied photography in Amsterdam for two years and I am a still learning as we speak.

What’s your favorite quote?

I totally live by the quote “Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears”. I believe that dreams really give your life a beautiful purpose. The bigger they are, the better. I believe in the magic of life.  Without dreaming big, life would be incredibly dull. The beautiful thing is that we can still have dreams when we are 85 years old, and make them happen.

What’s your favorite city in the world?

I love vibrant cities like London, Los Angeles, and Jakarta, but New York beats any city by far. I remember when I first visited 20 years ago, I was so in awe, I almost kissed the ground. There is nothing like the energy in New York. The city literally vibrates.  Deep down in my heart, I would love to live there one day and wonder the streets as Carrie Bradshaw did.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Music and dance are my biggest source of inspiration, but also art,  interior decor, attending fashion shows, going for a stroll and watching people on the street, gazing through store windows, traveling to exotic places and vibrant cities topped with my own vivid imagination are my biggest inspiration sources.

"Most People think I'm in
my 30's, but I'm actually 51
years young".

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